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Empty 1 returns with a coffee and puts it on the table, then leaves again.Alyson picks up the cup, waits a moment. She breathes in the smell of the coffee and drinks it.
Rhiannan added a new scene titled "EXT. HIGH STREET – MORNING" 11 months ago. Rhiannan made 85 other changes. more
Rhiannan added an action in "INT. ANIMUS ENERGY HQ, PROCESSING ROOM" 11 months ago. Rhiannan made 80 other changes. more
They continue to talk among themselves in grumbles.
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The Empty holding Robbert throws him to the floor. He kicks him in the rib-cage and leaves him lying in the mess they made.Ext. GRANDMOTHERS HOUSE - MORNINGLilly knocks at the door but gets no answer. She looks through the window and sees the mess.She uses the key hidden under a plant pot and goes in cautiously.Int. GRANDMOTHERS HOUSE, HALLWAY - MORNINGLilly carefully steps into the house.LILLYROBBERT?She picks up some of the pieces of paper and tidies them.Int. GRANDMOTHERS HOUSE, STAIRCASE - MORNINGLilly walks upstairs.LILLYIt's Lilly, are you in Robbert?INT. GRANDMOTHERS HOUSE, BEDROOM - MORNINGRobbert is hiding under his covers. Lilly knocks and opens the door.LILLYThere you are. You really scared me. What happened?She sits on the bed next to him, Robbert shuffles out.ROBBERTShes following me. She found me.LILLYOkay calm down.ROBBERTWhat if she kills me too?LILLYI wont let her.ROBBERTThey tracked me with the computer. We have to destroy all the technology.LILLYOkay if thats what you want to do.INT. GRANDMOTHERS HOUSE, GARDEN - MORNINGRobbert and Lilly are stood next to a small fire pit. The smell of Melting plastic contorts their faces and the burning computer and phone make pathetic whuring noises as they melt.ROBBERTWhat if she can still find me.LILLYThen we can hide you. It'll be okay.Lilly holds his hand as the technology melts.INT. GRANDMOTHER'S HOUSE, LIVINGROOM - MORNINGLilly is sat down, Robbert is stood watching the front windows.LILLYI can't get the smell of melting plastic out, its vile.ROBBERTHmmm.LILLYRobbert.Robbert continues to stare out the window.LILLY (CONT'D)Robbert.Robbert snaps back into reality.ROBBERTWhat?LILLYStop looking out the window, they're not coming back. You're gonna freak yourself out.Robbert comes away and sits next to her.LILLY (CONT'D)Hows about we go sort you out with some clothes, you've been wearing those for three days now.ROBBERTYeah. My old clothes don't fit anymore.Robbert looks at his sagging clothes. Lilly puts a hand on his shoulder.LILLYI can stay here tonight, if it'll make you feel better.Robbert looks at her.ROBBERTPlease.Lilly smiles and takes his hand and pulls him up off the sofa and out of the house.
Rhiannan edited an action in "Int. ABANDONED BOOK SHOP – EVENING" 11 months ago. Rhiannan made 6 other changes. more
A picture falls out of it. Its a photo of Lilly when she was younger she has big round glasses and is dressed in a gui with a medal around her neck.She quickly hides the picture and curls up on the sofa with the book.

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