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A man living with his childs mother has plenty of get rich quick schemes but refuses to get a real job. Tired of his babies momma nagging and bills rising sky high, he decides to take matters into his own hands. He gets together with a few of his friends and goes on an advendture of Chaos and failure which leads him to his unpredicted passion. "Stand up Comedy"

Project Type: Short Film (An hour)

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Oh yea i had $600 then i made $200 more but i threw it as i running away.
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The crew is laughing histericly, Dub is becoming angry.
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sweengone edited dialogue in "Hustle Ethics 101 Scene 2" two years ago. sweengone made 2 other changes. more
Ok, every body shut up and listen. The Rasta hommie will be here any minute. We dont need to be acting stupid when he get here, Act like we've done this before. Is Yall wit me?

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