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A young woman African American woman desperately wants to become a famous singer during the late late 1940's. This era filled with the sound of Muddy Waters, Billie Holiday, and Ray Charles, call to her like honey calls out to a Honey Bee. Longing to find her place in the spotlight she runs away, against her families wishes to HUSTLE TOWN a night club in Mississippi where southern performers were often discovered by agents from New York and Detroit. Once there she learns that there is a price for fame. She suffers through domestic abuse from the clubs owner, a drug addiction, and a loss of faith, hope and family. Through the help of an amazing agent, a praying family, and a loving God she escapes the clutches of the evil that trap her and finds peace, comfort, and success by using her amazing gift of song to inspire the world through gospel music.

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You got a real bad mouth slick!
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Sister Mary
Now I don seen alot of you mens and a couple of you womens at Harolds Juke Joint. I aint one to judge or gossip, that's why I'm saying it during these here nouncements. God sees you hoochie coutchng on eachother. He see's you geting all liqured up, gambling, and acting wild. Then got the nerve to bring yo sinning self in the house of the lord, fixing yo lips to praise his name, all the time you worshiping satan. Um hmm! I seent you! He see you too. Um Hmm! Supposed to be a home taking care of them chilrens and you out there shaking ya tail, sinning!
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