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Group Five's Screenplay.

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blah does thsi and that
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(CAMERON) Opens up the fridge to look for something to eat for lunch and it appears to be bare. So he closes the doors to the refrigerator, grabs his keys and wallet, opens and closes the door to his house. He walks to his car, mumbling to himself "Why does this always happen when I'm in the middle of doing something important?" He gets into his car and drives to the grocery store. When he finally finds a place to park, he opens his car door and a huge gust of wind blows it shut. The sky was grey and was probably going to rain. He scurries inside and grabs a cart. He hears a voice as he is doing his shopping. He turns around and there is no one there. He hears it again, he can't make out what the mysterious voice is saying. So he checks out and leaves.
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"Why am I here?"
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