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INT. ian runs up to the top of a watchtower in the "watchtower" aisle and begins ringing the bell, still shouting "girl!" he is foaming at the mouth and has bloodshot eyes. Tiny elves that look like ian run about screaming "girl!" in higher pitched voices. meanwhile, ian is at the top of the watchtower with the president of the united states, INAUDIBLY negotiating. ian suddenly snaps and knocks the president out and steals the nuclear football. He begins frantically typing in "girlgirlgirlgirlgirlgirlgirlgirlgirlgirlgirl" until the screen starts flashing and then a map of the world is shown with "nuclear targets" lit up with dots. it is a small cluster of dots in cuba. in fear, the president and his bodyguards get back onto the marine 1 and begin takeoff, but before they can break through the roof, ian leaps onto the railing below the helicopter and forces it down into the "orphan" isle. there is a large explosion and screams of children.
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I'm not going to explain, either. We're in agreeance, then? We will not discuss the time I decided to carve my soap sculptures in the school playground one brisk January afternoon.
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Ha, well, certainly not for porn.

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