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Ian wins a free day spa day for two and takes Oliver along, only to find out Steven has a sad secret.

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Have you forgotten he is my son? He is a peanut. He has an unquenchable thirst for jelly. The giant slices of bread he sleeps in cost enough... But that sweet, sweet boy jelly. There are street drugs less expensive. He can't stop and refuses to. That's all he does, day and night.
(imitating his son)
(back in a normal voice)
So I started working more jobs.
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radio dj
(in a smooth, deep, soulful, black sounding voice)
And that was "Apples are for Lonely Boys [Please Send This Check to My Grandmother]" by one of my personal favorites: Tugboat Princess. The song came off of their new album: Enrique's Got a Bad Case of the Jeepers. This commercial break gonna be real short for ya, but before it begins, time for our weekly giveaway contest. We got some hot, fresh free spa days for ya on a couple pieces of
(makes loud sniffing noise)
Ooh, Vellum Bristol paper. Mmmm. You know what you gotta do. Be the 12th to call your Uncle J at 555-JAZZ and these puppies are yours for the taking. Ready?
(waits a couple seconds)
Call now. This is Uncle J with WJAZ, bringing you smooth jazz all day long, baby.
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kid 2
That was a bowling ball...
mickverberg edited dialogue in "At the Spa" two years ago. mickverberg made 10 other changes. more
(sniffing and wiping a tear)
Working two jobs and caring for your son must be pretty tough, man.

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