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Ian goes with Oliver and Seamus to see Night of the Necropantsers at the local theater. The movie is about zombies who go around pulling down people's pants. Ian walks home with Oliver and begins to panic because he realizes he forgot to wear a belt. He is startled to see a figure in the distance, shambling. He can hear screaming. He reluctantly gets closer and then sees a zombie, who gives chase. Ian struggles to keep his pants up the whole time. Ian and the zombie close in on a populated area of street. Ian looks behind to see that he is no longer being chased by the zombie because it is eating a person. Ian breathes a sigh of relief that the zombies aren't panting people, and he happily walks home.

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Ian looks up from his pants. He is much closer to the street light now. There is a shambling figure standing there. Ian takes a few more reluctant steps before stopping completely, now able to see the figure. It is a zombie. Like the zombie Chad from the movie, the zombie slowly turns around to look at Ian in EXCRUCIATING detail. Ian screams, and begins running back from where he came. The zombie gives chase. Ian turns onto a street with lots of street-lamps, decently busy with people. He is struggling to keep his pants up at this point. He looks behind him to find the zombie is no longer interested in him, but has tackled a person to the ground.
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Steven walks off-screen, which then instantly turns to black. the episode is now actually over.
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Ian looks over to the clock. it says "द्वे:त्रीणिषट्" which is sanskrit for 2:36.
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INT. Ian Springs from seamus's arms. performing a back flip, ian lands on his butt and immediately bounces back up onto his feet.

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