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Chet confronts Steven about his disregard towards the company dress code. Steven begins to mess with Chet's head.

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That's too bad, cause I was this close to the sweet release of death right there. I just need to catch an employee violating the dress code.
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He holds completely still and the vest just appears on his body. There is no sound or effect to indicate that it happened. He smiles mischievously.
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Chet bursts through his bathroom door, crying, and sheds off his clothes. The camera only films from the stomach up at this point. He opens the shower curtain and climbs in. He turns on the faucet, and sits down on the floor of the shower in the fetal position to continue crying. The camera zooms on his face, and the water suddenly stops. He looks up at the SHOWER HEAD. There are a few seconds of stark silence before a suctioning noise is heard and Steven materializes out of the showerhead wearing his vest. Chet falls to his side crying and screaming more.
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Chet enters the office. It is dark and kind of creepy. He takes careful steps as he goes down the dark hallway. He reaches light, which is emanating from several different security monitors, showing all kinds of areas of the store (NEED HELP COMING UP WITH FUNNY THINGS IN THE BACKGROUND). Chet notices a baby bottle on the desk. He lifts it up to his nose and sniffs.
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