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Sir, you
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Ian rolls aimlessly across his grass and onto the road. A Tiny CLOWN CAR nearly hits into him, but narrowly swerves out of the way. A bunch of full sized clown arms come out the windows to flip the bird at Ian. Ian continues into one of his neighbor's yards. He stops when he suddenly bumps into a kiddie pool. He stands up to find a kind of chunky ginger kid sitting in the pool sucking on a CAPRI SUN POUCH. There are several discarded pouches around the pool as well as in the pool. SEAMUS breaks the silence.
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mickverberg added dialogue in "Int. Ian's Home - Early Morning" 11 months ago. mickverberg made 31 other changes. more
Ian, get in here!
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Ian pulls a HOT POCKET out of his freezer and microwaves it a few moments. When he pulls it out it burns his hand and he drops it.

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