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sweiner edited an action in "Waking Up" two years ago. more
The camera shoots at different angles of dance shoes, a volleyball with knee pads, an outfit already picked out, and an alarm clock. The alarm goes off, and Sophie wakes up. She gets up and starts getting ready for school. She is seen sitting eating cereal and orange juice at the kitchen table for her breakfast. She packs up her backpack with her books and textbooks then starts to head out the door. She gets to school and gets out of the car.
sweiner edited dialogue in "Getting the pills" two years ago. more
If you need anymore let me know. One should be enough whenever you feel tired or distracted.
sweiner deleted the scene "Confrontation" two years ago. sweiner made 97 other changes. more
lehorton21 edited an action in "Getting the pills" two years ago. lehorton21 made 2 other changes. more
Sophie's friend David is walking by them in the hallway.
lehorton21 edited dialogue in "At School" two years ago. more
Ugh I got a 79, that sucks. What'd you get?

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