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New version because I don't like the first draft.

Project Type: Short Film (5 min)

This project's owner would like a little help on parts of the project.

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winl996 edited an action in "Ryan vs. Alfred" on 01/27/2013. more
ALFRED spin-kicks RYAN's face. RYAN falls to the ground. ALFRED tries to stomp on RYAN, but RYAN rolls out of the way and trips ALFRED. ALFRED falls forward, but does a dive roll and gets back up.
winl996 edited an action in "Ryan vs. Colvin and Jeff" on 01/13/2013. more
JEFF throws a right punch. RYAN dodges, then catches the punch with his right. RYAN elbows JEFF's ribs with his left. RYAN then brings JEFF's arm over his shoulder and proceeds to snap it in half. RYAN then elbows JEFF in the face.
winl996 edited an action in "Ryan vs. Alfred" on 12/13/2012. winl996 made 2 other changes. more
RYAN elbows ALFRED in the face. Then he front kicks ALFRED's face. ALFRED swings at RYAN. RYAN ducks behind ALFRED. ALFRED swings behind him. RYAN dodges. RYAN then push kicks ALFRED. ALFRED throws a right hook. RYAN catches it. ALFRED uppercuts with his left. RYAN dodges and twists ALFRED's right arm into submission. RYAN then knees ALFRED in the face and lets go of his arm. RYAN front kicks ALFRED. Then he spin kicks ALFRED. Finally, he finishes with a tornado kick to the face. ALFRED falls and rolls on the ground, unconscious.
winl996 edited an action in "Ryan vs. Alfred" on 12/13/2012. winl996 made 2 other changes. more
ALFRED pulls out a knife. RYAN looks at ALFRED, the apple, and back at ALFRED. ALFRED charges and swings at RYAN. RYAN steps out of the way. ALFRED swings twice. RYAN dodges twice. ALFRED then turns the knife to a dagger grip and thrusts downwards at RYAN. RYAN catches ALFRED's arm. RYAN then moves the knife out of the way and knees ALFRED. The knife falls out.
winl996 added an action in "Ryan Wins!" on 12/12/2012. winl996 made 8 other changes. more
RYAN is breathing heavily. He spits on ALFRED. He walks over to the apple and picks it up. He brushes it on his shirt, then takes a bite. He looks pissed. He walks off.

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