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Ara, Captain of the Intergalactic Space Ship, awakens in a strange chamber, surrounded by ominous looking guards. When she demands answers regarding her whereabouts, she is met with a strange man named Tuborg who may just be more than meets the eye!

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ClassOfMrChris edited an action in "Sleepy Master Hacker" on 12/13/2013. more
Ara is still in her dream world as she beams down to a bustling square in Crystaline City. Nothing is quite as it seems in this scene, as we're seeing the world through Ara's dreaming eyes at the moment.
ClassOfMrChris added a comment to IGSS: Tuborg on 12/08/2013. more
I think we should get Ms. Brecklan's daughter to play Ara. She's fantastic.
ClassOfMrChris added a comment to IGSS: Tuborg on 12/08/2013. more
I'm wondering if we should make her mutterings something curiosity inducing. Perhaps something about an inner characteristic we don't know about Ara or perhaps about something with an educational tinge that again would provoke curiosity. I want the show to have easter eggs almost. Then on the website we could have contests where we ask questions like, When Ara was sleep talking she was actually quoting a famous speech. Who originally made that speech? and maybe they can answer follow up questions that encourage them to listen to the speech and internalize their meaning. These little easter eggs will all tie with the shows theme.
ClassOfMrChris inserted an action in "Where is the Captain!?" on 12/07/2013. ClassOfMrChris made 6 other changes. more
As Cygnus explains Ara's sleep walking history a montage of examples plays behind him.

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