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Quick pitch

The IGSS crew has a downloaded a video game from an unknown signal. It becomes all the rage on the ship, everyone is playing 'DISCORD.. This game isn't what it appears and alien planets suffer for it. When this realization comes into view the crew is divided by their empathy. Why is empathy important?

Project Type: Television (30 min)

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Fornax is already gone. Pictor looks back at the screen and his eyes widen instantly. The screen has begun to pulsate with a strange glow. The Upgrade Cube appears on the screen and a prompt appears, 'Activate Upgrade Cube'. Pictor stares at the screen and hesitates to hit activate. He quickly shakes it off and hits 'activate'. The screen begins to glow and a humming sound begins to grow louder. The same glow begins to surround Pictor and he tries to drop the controller and move away from the screen. He can't. The light grows stronger. Black out.
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What is that?!
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ara (CONT'D)
Everyone into the Teleportation Elevator!
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And I don't know about you, but last I checked, I signed up to explore space! How can you all sit here obsessing over this game when there's REAL adventure to be had!?
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Yeah, I've played it already.It's pretty cool for a video geeham.

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