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Man aims to break away from the cycle he has created for his own adulthood. Constant relationships that last a year, dead end job, complete hopelessness. With the help of an imaginary friend in the form of a crudely made robot outfit, he discovers it is to let go of his constant feeling of failure to his father's idea of what kind of man he was suppose to be. Only to find the blame was misplaced and it is all his fault in never changing.

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JamesMacimurray edited dialogue in "Meet Robert" on 11/18/2014. JamesMacimurray made 2 other changes. more
figure in the sun
Little help? Hey, mister, little help?
JamesMacimurray edited dialogue in "Meet Robert" on 08/06/2013. more
That does not make you crazy. You talking to me is your first sign of sanity.
JamesMacimurray edited dialogue in "Relationship cycle" on 06/20/2013. JamesMacimurray made 28 other changes. more
Stop bringing up my father. And please stop trying to love me...
JamesMacimurray added an action in "Meet Robert" on 06/19/2013. JamesMacimurray made 21 other changes. more
Guy and Robert are walking together.
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