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It's "The Office" meets "Star Wars" in this comedy about the every day lives of the Stormtroopers of B Co, 3-7 Imperial Stormtrooper Regiment. It's hard being an Imperial Stormtrooper, even after a hard day of dealing with the rebels, and Jedi mind tricks, you still have to go home to the formations, and your Sergeants correcting you. They say that Bantha poodoo rolls downhill, and when you're an enlisted trooper in the Imperial Infantry, there's nowhere else for it to go.

Project Type: Television (15 min)

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ramirez421 commented on dialogue. on 02/19/2014. more
Both say names awkwardly as if readin cue cards.
ramirez421 added a shot in "Imperial Troopers: Season 1, Episode 1" on 02/19/2014. ramirez421 made 35 other changes. more
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We see Thrak's rage building as he marches toward Dax.
JamesMacimurray joined the project! on 02/04/2014. more
ramirez421 added dialogue in "Imperial Troopers: Season 1, Episode 1" on 02/04/2014. ramirez421 made 66 other changes. more
... do I look like an officer to you?! I work for a living private!

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