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trinawritesstuff inserted an action in "Scene 1" two years ago. trinawritesstuff made 48 other changes. more
Jenny walks away.
trinawritesstuff added an action in "Scene 4" on 03/24/2015. trinawritesstuff made 34 other changes. more
Jenny starts emptying out the drawers and shelves until she finds a hammer. She laughs and starts smashing the screens, her phone, and her laptop.
trinawritesstuff edited an action in "Scene 2" on 03/24/2015. more
One TV plays a ticking noise, another shows a bright children's cartoon, and another shows a news report. Jenny watches intently as the light changes in the room while the hours pass.
trinawritesstuff edited dialogue in "Scene 5" on 03/24/2015. trinawritesstuff made 20 other changes. more
You never understood. You never understood me.
trinawritesstuff added a slugline in "Scene 5" on 03/24/2015. trinawritesstuff made 24 other changes. more
INT. ext. in front of the hotel- dawn

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