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The pub is bustling, loud music plays on the jukebox and customers clamor at the bar. Zoe stands behind the bar when a drunk CUSTOMER (20) approaches her to address his concerns about her, claiming that she has mixed up his drink and asking for his money back. Zoe immediately apologises while unsure if she actually has made a mistake. Even though she is willing to make the mistake up to the customer, he continues verbally abusing her. Zoe keeps her head down and continues to apologise to avoid confrontation.
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John sits squarely on the toilet, trousers around his ankles and phone in hand.
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INT. INT. INTERVIEW ROOM- DAY ZoEY is seated at a desk opposite two smartly dressed, professional looking interviewers. She too is smartly dressed for the occasion, her posture is smart and she has an air of confidence. We come in at the end of the interview in time to hear Zoey’s plans for the future to utilise her sociology degree. The interview ends with the question of marriage and children being posed. Zoey does not respond.
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