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BenceBardos added an action in "3.5 calling his mum" two years ago. BenceBardos made 3 other changes. more
Patrick frantically opens cabinets in the LED-lit kitchen until he fins a bottle of unopened vodka in a housemate's drawer. He opens the bottle and starts drinking. Struggling, he finishes the whole bottle in one go.
BenceBardos inserted dialogue in "2.5 Meta Scene #2 (Alice)" two years ago. BenceBardos made 48 other changes. more
(after longer pause)
Do you feel like you're being watched sometimes?
DanIacono added dialogue in "2.11 Final Conversation with Russell" two years ago. DanIacono made 127 other changes. more
BenceBardos edited an action in "E.2 Ending" two years ago. BenceBardos made 2 other changes. more
Patrick shuffles along between two rows of red theatre chairs in an empty movie theatre wearing his suit. He stops in the middle of the row and sits down. Once comfortable, he holds up a walkie talkie. A voice answers him.
DanIacono edited an action in "E.1 Sophia + Nightmare" two years ago. more
Rick continues to look at Virgil for a while and then slowly makes his way to the edge of his mattress. He lies on his front and lowers his head down to look at what's under the bed. He sees boxes and books but sees something shuffling and moving behind them. He moves them to the side and sees a silhouette moving about. Rick whips up and grabs his phone to turn on the torch. He again lowers himself slowly and shines the torch on the figure. We see Rick's face hardly change. The figure is Rick himself gagged and bound, crying desperately. Rick continues to look at himself and looks up to find Virgil has gone. He sits in his bed and listen to his own muffled cries.

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