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The story Anton Probst, a German enlistment rip-off turned laborer who murdered the family that had taken him in.

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andrewsraja joined the project! on 03/27/2013. more
myluxuriouspanther added an action in "Homestead" on 03/27/2013. myluxuriouspanther made 9 other changes. more
Mrs. Deering returns inside and Chris looks down at Anton, his arms crossed.
myluxuriouspanther added dialogue in "Homestead" on 03/27/2013. myluxuriouspanther made 4 other changes. more
Mrs. deering
Anton! How dare you come back here!
myluxuriouspanther edited an action in "Antagonism" on 03/26/2013. more
Its a foggy morning at an unnamed German port city. Anton Probst looks down at his ticket.
myluxuriouspanther added dialogue in "Homestead" on 03/22/2013. myluxuriouspanther made 11 other changes. more
Anton probst
Mr. Deering, please, need job back!

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