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Unstuck in Time. Liam is a man who is having problems realizing where he is in his life.

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greenzollar added dialogue in "Scene 6: Death into Life" on 11/10/2008. greenzollar made 31 other changes. more
(he sits up and yells)
( and then he stops and gets up)
I will find you
(begins to run)
greenzollar added dialogue in "Scene 6: Death into Life" on 11/07/2008. greenzollar made 27 other changes. more
I know what happens. God.
Why would you let me know all of this? Where is my hope to live and face this all over again?
(he looks around, searching for an answer)
God? Are you listening to me? Can you answer me?
greenzollar added dialogue in "Scene 5: My Love" on 10/26/2008. greenzollar made 83 other changes. more
That is how I lost her. That was my life. Our life. Nothing more and it is my fault. I sit here now because I know how she will
greenzollar edited the scene titled "Scene 1: Opening" on 08/22/2008. greenzollar made 6 other changes. more

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