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The life of an executioner. No holds barred.

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Gafairb edited an action in "A glimpse of the dungeon." on 01/07/2009. Gafairb made 5 other changes. more
The camera slowly closes in on The Executioner's head, which is covered by a worn black hood with eye holes. The camera closes in one his eyes, his black, blank stare apprent. Once the torture victim's screams stop and The Executioner job is complete, he sighs heavily with his shoulders in a satisfied manner.
Gafairb edited the scene titled "A glimpse of the dungeon." on 01/06/2009. Gafairb made 6 other changes. more
Gafairb edited an action in "This is your first scene." on 01/06/2009. Gafairb made 21 other changes. more
The camera now pans slowly around the dark and demented dungeon, briefly passing by the victims who are wearing only a dirty white cloth around their mid-section. The camera follows the tight, torch-lit paths of the dungeon, with the camera pointed slightly down. This creates the idea that, like the brutish Exocutioner, you are walking through the dungeon with you head hung low. This brief tour of the dungeon shows the variety of torture devices and blood-ridden tables for victims to lie on.
Gafairb edited an action in "This is your first scene." on 01/05/2009. Gafairb made 5 other changes. more
A masked man approaches a worn wooden turnstile. He is cloaked in dark, worn clothes. His broad shoulders, large forearms and dirty, sweaty appearance are easily noticed. His presence exeudes the confidence and strength of a Secret Service agent. He cranks the heavy spindles and screams of pain are heard nearby.
Gafairb added a slugline in "This is your first scene." on 01/04/2009. Gafairb made 7 other changes. more
EXT. CU the exocutioner as a child.

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