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Yes, but the location of the spill means jurisdiction isn't clear. It could take a long time to get through the bureaucracy.
lubrido edited dialogue in "Scene 03" 11 months ago. more
Todd Noseworthy
I'm trying to convey to them our inclusive vertically synergistic approach to environmentally sensitive issues.
lubrido inserted dialogue in "Scene 05" 11 months ago. more
Its wrong to kill.
lubrido edited an action in "This is your first scene." 11 months ago. more
Lana is collecting sea glass at the beach, where she bumps into Paul, a tall man in a suit. Davis looks on.
lubrido edited dialogue in "Scene 03" 11 months ago. lubrido made 8 other changes. more
Todd Noseworthy
I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of said ship..but I can assure you I am taking everything you are saying very seriously.

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