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Children of Today, come and see this grave of a child who burned in a house fire. He was just a child, now he is a child of the grave.

IN 1771, A 5 year old Infant is left by a British Solider in America. The poor Infant accidentally begins a house fire, and somehow the fire never ends.

2003, a police officer, Alex Ray, finds the poor Infant still young, but burned. Alex begins to help the Infant grow. On the way Infant meets a girl his age named Scarlett Crane.

Scarlett and Alex's wife agree to name Infant, Edsel, for their love of the 1950s. Edsel begins to live life, but realizes one thing.

Why are children being abused today, like they were maybe just yesterday?

What is the world coming too?

A Heart warming story that will leave all speechless.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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Lee's breath is the most disgusting thing Infant had ever smelled in his life.

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