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This is a story of a boy name Remus Grey who is bullied and tormented though out high school. Remus is sick and tired of everything until one day a guy named Armand Talbot makes a deal with him to sell his soul for 24 hours to see whats it like to become dead. In the alternate world 24 hours can fell like an entire year. What he doesn't relies is that the 24 hours in the real world and 1 year in the alternate world he must find the meaning of life or he gone for good.

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Hey guys.
kmiller added an action in "Scene 2" on 12/29/2013. kmiller made 3 other changes. more
Nova looks at him and starts walking over to his table. Max and Remus look and each other and walks behind her.
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kmiller edited dialogue in "Scene 2" on 12/28/2013. kmiller made 6 other changes. more
Maybe we should go over there.
kmiller added an action in "Scene 2" on 12/27/2013. more
Max and Nova are in line with their tray of food when

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