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An emerald that fell from the skies of Exxedor, stolen in broad daylight by a malevolent guardian, the Black Guardian. But what is the point of stealing something like that? The Black Guardian doesn't want money. He wants the Universe gone. What is so special about this particular emerald?

The Doctor has been recruited by the White Guardian to find out what is causing this, along with two Romanas; the one he is already travelling with and one from before she ever met him.

Project Type: Television (Two hours)

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It's just one of my own little projects. You don't particularly need to understand it from the description, nor from the script just yet because it's not finished. It should make sense in the end.
linas101 commented on the scene "Title sequence- EPISODE ONE." on 01/09/2013. linas101 made 1 other comment and 2 other changes. more
let me download the screenplay to print it out for my friend she loves dr who :)
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STALL OWNER roots around behind his stall and brings up a long cable. He searches te
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