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In present day United States calm well mannered VINCENT PULASKI 33 struggles between reality and the rage created within him. Yearning to be back in the heart of his wife MANDALYN PULASKI 24 is fighting to stop his evergoing persute of self destruction in hopes of one day finding his place in life. Many fear what's gone is gone and what's lost is lost, but not Vincent. With visions of violent and gruesome acts overcoming him there's only one thing that will put an end to the insanity and another to end it all. "No body. No charge." Vincent was telling himself. Vincent was fullfilling the rage inside him when his cell phone rang. Was it Mandalyn? Was Vincent willing to risk all hope for a moment of rage? Will he be back in Mandalyn's arms or the arms of the executioner?

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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FreekyT edited an action in "Doc" on 02/03/2014. more
Vincent puts his pants on quickly heads out the office and heads home while Doctor Mahoney is left confused, and angered and a tear drips from her eye. Still inlove with Vincent.
FreekyT edited an action in "Doc" on 02/03/2014. FreekyT made 23 other changes. more
Vincent enters Doctor Mahoney's office and locks the door behind him. He proceeds to the back suite where Doctor Mahoney is waiting for him. He lies down on the couch acrossed from Doctor Mahoney.
FreekyT added a new scene titled "Doc" on 01/30/2014. FreekyT made 13 other changes. more
FreekyT added an action in "That's My Wife" on 01/30/2014. FreekyT made 17 other changes. more
Vincent acknowledges Mack, hangs up his coat and hat then starts cutting steaks.
FreekyT added a new scene titled "That's My Wife" on 01/29/2014. FreekyT made 177 other changes. more

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