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A one-act musical revue that digs deep into the lives of two couples as they deal with judgement from others when making decisions.

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MarcusG edited dialogue in "Act 1, Scene 1" on 08/09/2013. MarcusG made 18 other changes. more
mr. Hartmann (CONT'D)
For once, I actually like you. Don't give a reason not too. Goodnight.
MarcusG edited dialogue in "Prologue" on 08/09/2013. MarcusG made 5 other changes. more
brooks (Voice over)
Don't let your past determine your future. You can't change where you come from, but you can sure as hell change where you're going to.
MarcusG edited a slugline in "Act 1, Scene 3" on 08/08/2013. MarcusG made 12 other changes. more
INT. kirsten's bedroom int.
MarcusG edited dialogue in "Act 1, Scene 2" on 08/08/2013. MarcusG made 224 other changes. more
It says 'fantastic, good job'.
MarcusG added an action in "Act 1, Scene 1" on 08/07/2013. MarcusG made 44 other changes. more
(Doorbell rings.)

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