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a group of kids go hiking, and end up getting haunted, ending up in the death of at least one of them

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RyanWorrell edited an action in "SCENE SIX - THE MEETING" a year ago. RyanWorrell made 4 other changes. more
The kids say nothing, but seem to watch every step they take. The group passes them in silence. once they look away their eyes go blue
RyanWorrell deleted dialogue in "SCENE THREE - GETTING READY" a year ago. RyanWorrell made 9 other changes. more
Ok, so tell your parents that tonight. How about we meet at mine at nine tomorrow morning to start the hike. This means we all need to get ready tonight.
RyanWorrell inserted an action in "SCENE ELEVEN - DAY FOUR" a year ago. RyanWorrell made 3 other changes. more
They run off into the forest, and then run back out, they find nothing
RyanWorrell edited an action in "day 5" a year ago. RyanWorrell made 19 other changes. more
The day opens with shots of Harrison running through the woods, when he comes to a bridge over a rive, that her runs onto. When he is halfway across, he looks up and sees one of the kids on the other side of the river with noah, both with milky blue eyes. He freezes and turns around, and sees the other kid, with max, both with blue eyes. The kids then start to walk forwards. harrison clims the railing and jumps over the edge, but, being unable to stand up, harrison goes flying into the river, and then gets washed away by the current. We then see him fall over the top of the waterfall. And fall towards the camera, causeing a black screen.
KatelynM edited dialogue in "night four" a year ago. KatelynM made 12 other changes. more
Don't be silly, its just the wind.

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