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Adaptation of the novel Into the Wild, but in the desert rather than Alaska

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deshaun1 added an action in "Cave" on 03/14/2014. deshaun1 made 43 other changes. more
A few days have passed, various shots of the desert is shown. Cuts to shot of Chris lying under the shade of a rock, dying. There is a close-up shot of his face and eyes looking around as he lies down on his back. POV of the desert sky as music fades in, cut to black.
deshaun1 added an action in "This is your first scene." on 03/10/2014. deshaun1 made 56 other changes. more
Montage of Chris driving in his Jeep with the rocky desert landscape in the background. Eventually he slows to a stop, using up the last bit of gas he had left. Chris exits his car, grabs his pack and continues down the road on foot. Leaving the rest of his belongings in the car such as his phone and wallet.

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