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The Story is about how a boy escapes from the social evils who kidnap him for money. It explains that how boldness to commit a crime is important to escape from these scenario.As suggested by a tamil saying, "Knowing to steal and forgetting it could be useful", is the theme of this script.

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Ulagathula ella paavamum unaku matum nadandhuta maathiri kova padaatha. Endha valiyayum nee anubavichadhilla. Kaila kaasiladhapo varra vali, unaku puriyadhu. Indha ulagathula ellathukum kaasu venum.
(he then points out his gun to say..)
Idho idhu kuduthudhu panam. Naan evlo kekrano avlo.
LakshmiNarayanan added a slugline in "The Phonecall" on 06/23/2013. more
INT. selvanayagam's car is focussed from a distance, showing it entering his house. he gets down from it and walks towards the front door. he then sees a bag with a paper above it. he takes the sheet of paper and turns it. he realises that it is a photo of aadhitya taken a year back.
LakshmiNarayanan edited a slugline in "The Phonecall" on 06/23/2013. LakshmiNarayanan made 21 other changes. more
INT. same day. eve-6.30 selvanayagam residence.
LakshmiNarayanan edited the scene titled "Godown talk" on 06/20/2013. LakshmiNarayanan made 22 other changes. more

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