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Acoury131 inserted dialogue in "Scene 7: The next morning." on 03/03/2010. Acoury131 made 51 other changes. more
I like finger-painting too, Monday. The only color you had was red? What a shame—
(to doll, demonically)
I hate when that happens.
Acoury131 added an action in "Scene 6: Same room." on 03/02/2010. Acoury131 made 45 other changes. more
End Scene.
Acoury131 added dialogue in "Scene 3: Clara is alone in her room." on 03/02/2010. Acoury131 made 4 other changes. more
Here’s a daisy,
here’s a rose, here’s a Lilac, I’d give you a tulip, but they all died when my father died.
(she is singing and patting her doll the whole time.)
It’s ok, you didn’t mean to.
Somewhere, over the rainbow
(sung, again)
Acoury131 added an action in "SCENE 2: A PATH" on 02/27/2010. Acoury131 made 71 other changes. more
Everyone begins to go upstairs. Monday walks closely behind Addie. Clara is half walking, half skipping. Vesa is shaking his head and mumbling.
Acoury131 added dialogue in "This is your first scene." on 02/26/2010. Acoury131 made 3 other changes. more
(very happy, giddy)
(holds doll to ear)
Oh, wow! The shore is only a quarter mile away. LAND HO!

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