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Student Marcus Gray is given unknown powers by a Norse dagger, powers that many people would kill for. With werewolf Thomas Jones to aid him, Gray must learn to fight for his life.

Project Type: Television (An hour)

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Closely following PRIMROSE is Thomas JONES, a werewolf. The light from the sparse street lights flicker off his silver-grey fur. He runs on all fours as he catches up to PRIMROSE. PRIMROSE stumbles again, falling over. He turns over on the floor with tears in his eyes. JONES catches up to PRIMROSE and slows down, like a predator approaching its prey. PRIMROSE pushes himself along the floor as JONES approaches him, until he reaches a wall. He pulls himself up, one hand still by his waist. JONES stands on his hind legs, looking slightly more human. His voice comes out almost as a growl.
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