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ITP Halloween Kitchen Apocalypse Cooking Show

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owenribbit edited dialogue in "SAVE YOURSELF!" on 11/07/2012. owenribbit made 63 other changes. more
potato 2
I can't live without you. You have hope. You could meet new potatoes.
m1keall1son deleted an action in "Blender Scene" on 11/06/2012. m1keall1son made 4 other changes. more
m1keall1son deleted dialogue in "Blender Scene" on 11/06/2012. m1keall1son made 3 other changes. more
blender herzog
some people laugh when I say that.
annitp deleted dialogue in "SAVE YOURSELF!" on 11/06/2012. annitp made 8 other changes. more
And that's our show! I hope you enjoyed learning about this great potato latke recipe and how to make watermelon juice. the potato is truly a mysterious and nutritious food. And look we even have left over potatoes for next time and here...wait..who drank all the watermelon juice?...
owenribbit commented on an action. on 10/28/2012. owenribbit made 12 other comments and 6 other changes. more
this is so long! and we didnt even get the blender herzog dismissively interviewing a potato. what if the grater tried interviewing a potato after the scene w blender herzog, because the the grater wants to be more like him. but the grater doesn't know how to interview and just says things like "why are u a potato?" would that make any sense?

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