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As a douce Scottish village on the river Forth recovers from Hogmanay 2013, Doug and Helen Birrell are horrified by the decline and death of their beloved family pet. A link to Britain's first designated Radioactively Contaminated Land, the MoD landfill site nearby in Dalgety bay is discovered. As the village becomes an environmental disaster zone, the MoD send in one of their most trusted officers, Sandy Forbes, to do damage control. But Sandy is Doug's old friend and a local resident, and quickly finds himself in a Critical Mess of vested interest and divided loyalties.

Project Type: Television (An hour)

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Fifty four...
(her mobile phone rings)
Oh, that's Jay. Hiya love. No, I got a lift. We're just pulling up.
(waves out of the window)
I can see you.
(hangs up)
Thanks ever so guys!
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maybe, needs more guns
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helen birrell
Sorry Sandy. Can't stop. Wee man's no well.
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And you didn't deck her?

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