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Sequel to Chris Escobar's Ivory Corvus.

Project Type: Short Film (An hour)

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April immediately gets up and begins to run off into the forest. She is running for 20 seconds when she begins to approach a road. She is now visually happy as salvation is near. She begins to laugh in joy. As she comes closer to reaching the road, the baseball bat is swung from around a tree hitting her in the face. This kills her instantly. Her face is shown and is very bloody. Ivorvus takes off his mask but his face is, yet again, out of focus. The next shot will be a pan from the ground to Ivorvus' nose in the top grid of the shot. The camera will pan from April's body at Ivorvus' feet, up his body and stop before his eyes are in the shot. Ivorvus crouches down, takes a hand full of April's blood, stands back up and licks the blood off his hand. The last shot of the film will be Ivorvus dragging April's body by her hair back into the forest, walking away from the camera while the theme music is playing. Once Ivorvus and April are almost completely out of focus, the title card flashes on screen. Silence for 5 seconds. After the 5 seconds of silence, My Body by Young the Giant begins to play while the credits roll.
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Kyle, April, & Daniel have gone to get beer and Ryan and Ashely are sitting in different areas of the living room. Ryan is reading Decision Points by George W. Bush and April is painting her toe-nails. Kyle cut the lock on the breaker and turned the lights on.
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I can't find the jumper. We have to get him inside the house.

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