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Prescription Drug Abuse: Prescription Drug Abuse Kills

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TravisMoney added an action in "Scene 2" on 11/12/2014. TravisMoney made 7 other changes. more
A message appears saying "Don't do drugs."
CTR8719 edited an action in "Scene 1" on 11/12/2014. CTR8719 made 7 other changes. more
Clayton sits down at the table and is about to begin to snort a line of cocaine (sugar) as he turns and sees Jake.
TravisMoney edited an action in "Scene 1" on 11/12/2014. more
Clayton and Jake go to a party and some people offer them so drugs. Clayton accepts and Jake doesn't. Jake starts to leave and Clayton realizes that drugs aren't worth loosing a friend so he turns and leaves with Jake.
TravisMoney added dialogue in "Scene 2" on 11/10/2014. TravisMoney made 5 other changes. more
Are drugs worth loosing your friends?
natetackett edited the scene titled "Scene 1" on 11/07/2014. more

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