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Dmitri (Jeremy Burton) an English spy gets fired. He and his right hand man Johnathan (Louie Marcou) want to get revenge on his old boss (Charlie Marcou) and its up to oo2.o (Elvis Begic) to stop him and to save the Inteligence agency

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thedude added an action in "Scene 15" on 07/30/2011. thedude made 16 other changes. more
thedude added a new scene titled "Scene 15" on 07/30/2011. more
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slow-mo action of him slowly getting ready to shoot bang sa pinto , ( 10 secs) then just as about to shoot bang sa pinto, go to call of duty fps veiw, shots bang sa pinto in head, get 500 point include challange second chance kills, then cut to scene of dimitry screaming into headset, " revive me damn it! revive me!" then revive from 002.0, then dimirty takes out pistol and shots tv.
kidcommando added an action in "scene 14" on 07/29/2011. kidcommando made 8 other changes. more
(they go into room have awesome bullet showdown)
kidcommando added an action in "scene 14" on 07/28/2011. kidcommando made 28 other changes. more
( zoom out, to reavile there standing right next to each other,)

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