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JEN give an assured smile and takes her books, walking away from the desk. Relaxed cut to her reading Jewel of the Seven Stars; she looks up from it and sees a poster reading 'THE LIBRARY IS FOR WRITING, TOO! WHY NOT WRITE A FRIEND TODAY?' Below it are pre-stamped postcards/paper. JEN looks at it for a moment, feels one pocket for spare change, before marking her place in the book and going back to the desk.
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mrs. starrett
You may not like this one. It's awfully spooky. I usually recommend it for older kids.
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mrs. starrett
Hullo, Jenny. Tired of summer vacation yet?
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That's exactly right! So hear what I'm saying: if I set the table and pour your milk and see that there's no Jen washing her hands at the sink, I'm going to go right away to the telephone and call the police and report you missing. Do you understand that?
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MRS. STARRETT laughs quietly into her hand, then starts looking at the books JEN is checking out. One of them is Bran Stoker's Jewel of the Seven Stars; MRS. STARRETT frowns at this one.

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