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Roslynn is walking through a dark graveyard very slowly. She comes to a stop at a set of headstones under a large oak tree. She kneals down onto her knees and places a lavender flower at the foot of the first headstone. She looks at the encryption on the headstone. It reads as follows: Mrs. Diana Lynn Loventa- Loving Wife, Encouraging Friend, and Beloved Mother. A silent tear rolls down her cheek and she brushes it away with the back of her hand. She turns her head and faces the other headstone. Mr. Samuel Roger Loventa- Beloved Husband and Heroic Father. Roslynn places her other flower on the foot of his headstone and lays in between the two graves. She cries herself to sleep. [MUSIC ENDS]
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She forces the words out, and immediately following, she sprays what little salive she can force out onto his face. He pushes her against the wall harder, cutting off her air supply. She turns pale, and her body begins to become even weaker. She struggles, and with the last bit of strength she can gather, she shoves the knife into his abdomin. His grip loosens, and blood begins to spill from the corner of his mouth; his knees crumble and he falls to the floor. Roslynn's legs give out, an she slies down the wall and slumps to the ground. Grasping her throat in an attempt to open her windpipe, the room begins to slightly spin, and she passes out. The screen fades to black.
jessicamarie added an action in "int" on 04/30/2008. jessicamarie made 37 other changes. more
Rosylnn is talking extremely fast and Leo reacts quickly. He grabs Roslynn's hand and drags her towards the front door.
jessicamarie added dialogue in "ext" on 04/30/2008. jessicamarie made 11 other changes. more
Because I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want you to be the mother of my children. I think about you every moment of the day, and when I go to sleep, your everything i dream about. I love you with everything i have.

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