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PHIL is the assistant manager of an office supplies firm and is a notorious jobsworth; puling colleagues up on the smallest of things, reporting them to the regional manager and basically being a bit of a dick. It all boils down to the fact that he has no life. But one day he meets JODIE, the slightly crazy daughter/sister of a co-worker (*or whatever) who takes him under her wing determined to make him crack. At first Phil can't handle it but eventually ends up being crazier than her. They fall in love at the end... Obviously.

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olilynch edited dialogue in "The Boss's Office" on 01/13/2015. olilynch made 6 other changes. more
My mother doesn't expect to see me until bank hoiday weekend at the end of summer and I have my walking itinerary organised for the next month and a half sir. But I don't see what this has to do with the stock check.
olilynch edited an action in "THE LEAVING DO" on 06/21/2013. more
PHIL stands alone in an obscure part of the bar. He wears a nerdy T-shirt with an unfunny ironic logo or slogan and nurses a bottle of weak beer. He is definitely not having a good time but is trying to look keen.
olilynch edited dialogue in "The Boss's Office" on 06/17/2013. olilynch made 2 other changes. more
(Slightly uncomfortable but sees the point)
Well... I suppose actually...
olilynch edited dialogue in "THE WAREHOUSE" on 06/14/2013. more
phil (CONT'D)
Well, you'll have to get it done before you go on lunch... And I saw that Sharon.
olilynch added an action in "THE LEAVING DO" on 06/13/2013. olilynch made 56 other changes. more
The Boss leads Phil toward a small group of 3 or 4 people, JEFF is an older guy - in his 60's perhaps. He is with two guys and a woman.

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