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im going to be writing a horror script

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ext: camera shows bobby lift the axe then shows the killers face he opens his eyes but didn't look surprised instead he just smiles, the camera shows the axe drop and the killers head goes rolling off the bed camera shows the killers head on the floor still smiling and then it switches to bobby he walks to the couch and sits down the camera shows the bloody axe then makes its way up to bobby's face when the camera shows his face he looks mental and just smiles. then it blacks out and on screen pops up BLOOD THIRSTY the end.
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ext: still no one answers so bobby goes to turn the door knob thinking his dad must be asleep since his dad usually never leaves the house and the door opens bobby steps inside and calls out for his dad some more. bobby walks over to his dads room and opens the door the camera switches to bobby and he drops to his knees holding his head crying. camera switches back to the room and shows blood, guts, and body parts scattered all across the room and then goes back to bobby crying and bugging out and then scene fades out.
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jonathan walks in his house to find his father cut up on the floor in over twenty pieces with blood and guts sprayed all over the wall. on the wall written in blood it said U WILL FEEL MY PAIN!

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