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Quick pitch

Agent Brown is back, but he's in trouble. With the aid of a second tracker planted on the Stradivari, he comes to realize the location of Jones' headquarters and training facilities, which are located in Chile (not far from the restaurant Jones raided three years earlier).
Brown cannot bring Agent Jones down alone. He asks for support from the government; additional men, advanced weapons, etc. But the government refuses to comply.
Now, with the aid of only a second tracker, and his most trusted assistant, Mr. Anonymous, Brown must destroy the infamous Agent Jones, who the U.S. government refuses to acknowledge as a "threat."

But the plot isn't as straightforward as it may seem...

Project Type: Short Film (15 min)

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Mr. Anonymous
Perfect timing. Jones' pilot just landed in a field in eastern Chile. Within the hour we will know where his hideout is.
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Agent Jones
Because to an outsider, it doesn't make sense. The mercenaries, the recruits and all. But very few people know exactly what I'm doing here. You are one of them. But you are a very cautious person; you think of the other possibilities. This time, there is no conspiracy. I'm doing good things here in Chile.
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Agent Jones (CONT'D)
Shoot. He knows we're here, and he's coming in through the air passageway. Stay close.

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