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MrIchybob added an action in "who is it?" on 05/27/2010. more
Bright sunlight, waves crashing, strange rounded rocks and steep cliffs - (crystal cove)
MrIchybob inserted an action in "who is it?" on 05/15/2010. MrIchybob made 8 other changes. more
I remember their were these giant cliffs and nothing around at all but the sea, the waves were crashing on the shore. It was hot and I was so thirsty. I remember looking for my camp, I felt lost but I knew it was somewhere close by.
MrIchybob added an action in "in the car" on 01/08/2010. MrIchybob made 4 other changes. more
MrIchybob added dialogue in "CLIFFS DRINKING" on 01/05/2010. MrIchybob made 5 other changes. more
your wasted man, no one out here
(looking around)
, come on, let's go, time for wandering minstrels of glee to retreat to the fortress of dreams and defend king Morpheus's kingdom...
MrIchybob edited dialogue in "CLIFFS DRINKING" on 01/05/2010. more
Why are you such a stupid man? why are you such a fearful man? the universe is moving, always moving, it is slipping away from you, you must move backwards to move around the wheel
(starts reverse speech)
GO BACK -she hits him on the head with a fish and vanishes

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