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Lonely Girl (CONT'D)
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Mom (CONT'D)
Night, Sweetie. I love you.
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There's a moment where Worker waits for a response and then gives a smile, apparently getting the response they wanted. Worker hangs up the phone. They go up to the door and unlock it, holding the files tightly as they try to manage everything. They get in the building and turn on the light to the office. They set the files on the desk and sit in the chair, putting their coffee on the other side and logging in to the computer. They give a sigh and take a sip of coffee, taking a moment just to enjoy the silence and the coffee while the computer comes to life. They give a big, wilting sigh and start the process of logging in and checking their email.
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INT. Still shot slowly zooms and everything gets darker until Paranoia slowly fades in until everything becomes dark, as if he's seeping into our minds; we get lost in Paranoia.
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