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A young man sits on his porch trying to relax. He is tense and in a bit off pain. He rubs neck and cringes in discomfort. Suddenly a plume of smoke fills the air and a magical figure appears. He is dressed in all white and is very excited. Startled, the young man asked who this man is and the man tells him that he is here to help him. The young man asks how and the man hands him a card. The young man looks down at the card and sees the name of the service. He lifts his head to see that the man has vanished. Later that day, the man goes to his computer and checks out the website. Images of the different treatments are shown. He decides to call. The next day he is back on the porch, but in a much better mood. Suddenly the mysterious man appears again. The young man thanks him and the genie disappears again.

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Suddenly samba music can be heard and the man starts dancing. The young man looks reluctant at first, but then gives in to the rthym and dances as well. FADE OUT

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