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PERSON 4. All the Chinese have the right to know the history of their own country. They are deserved to know the truth, what was actually happening over that night in 1989...
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JOHN SUCHET. First, China,and it seems the estimates of the numbers killed by soldiers is growing day by day. To new estimates, apparently, based on official information refer to death toll of 5 or even 7,000, diplomats of speak of more than 1,000 whatever the figure that it was slaughter by soldiers of unarmed civilians on a massacre is not in doubt. It was possibly the worst slaughter of half a century. There has been repulsion throughout the western world where leaders are unanimous in condemning the Chinese government. For the soviets have so far said nothing. In China itself the demonstrations for freedom have now become demonstrations of protest. Funeral marches have been held in Shanghai and the cities of Changsha,Shenyang and Shenzhen. And in Beijing, there is a crucial split in the body of men who have their power to ensure the success will bring about the failure of the crackdown the army.
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A reporter walks to stage RIGHT.
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