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Quick pitch

An advertisement to recruit junior girls of fourteen years of age to join netball and play after school on tuesdays and thursdays from 4:00 til 5:30 pm.

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jarrah_rose edited an action in "first scene" on 03/04/2013. jarrah_rose made 4 other changes. more
Girls moving around on the court,just playing and yelling/cheering.
jarrah_rose edited an action in "This is your first scene." on 02/28/2013. jarrah_rose made 32 other changes. more
Scene of all the girls in uniform about to start the game. Background grassy oval, dusk, fairly large group of pepole spectating, everyones silent,
jarrah_rose added an action in "first scene" on 02/27/2013. jarrah_rose made 8 other changes. more
whistle blows to start the game and all the girls start to play (centre chest passes the ball to the wing attack)
jarrah_rose added a new scene titled "second scene" on 02/24/2013. jarrah_rose made 11 other changes. more

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