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Jurassic Park Six: The Final Countdown

Project Type: Feature Film (Epic)

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BrianLuigi edited dialogue in "inside the gennaro factory" on 04/15/2014. BrianLuigi made 2 other changes. more
Okay, the primary server drive is telling me that we're almost ready to clone, we just need to active the materialization chamber on the upper levels.
BrianLuigi edited dialogue in "hammond monologue" on 12/30/2013. BrianLuigi made 68 other changes. more
Whatever. Dinosaurs, yeah okay. Haha, whatever. I don't care.
BrianLuigi edited dialogue in "john's basement the huhhhhhhhhh" on 12/05/2013. BrianLuigi made 24 other changes. more
Get out of bed. Take out the trash. You know it’s easy, but it seems a little harder every time you try to think about it. The little things, “should I…” Ah, fuck it. Who cares; no one’s watching. There’s no “Monday,” “Wednesday,” anymore. There’s just days. Counting the moments. Sleep don’t come easily. Lie awake for hours. Should I just have breakfast now? Or catch an hour of z’s before the 5 AM wakeup? It’s a place you can’t remember; like a face without a name. An old friend you used to have, but somehow can’t remember. Just try and get back to that place. A sunlit place
(mumbles: “you/I”)
can’t remember…
BrianLuigi inserted dialogue in "the gennaro factory" on 12/03/2013. BrianLuigi made 5 other changes. more
Okay, good thing. We stop at this compound, get some supplies and gas, get the Gennaros, and get to Burbank.
BrianLuigi edited dialogue in "new" on 12/02/2013. BrianLuigi made 213 other changes. more
Shut the fuck up! Maybe you cocksuckers have forgotten, but we have a mission job to do here: get to the man in Burbank. Now listen, I didn't choose to have animatronic dinosaurs take over the world! And I sure as fuck didn't choose to have my wife and the love of my life eaten by a giant fucking Trex. But most of all, I didn't fucking choose to go on this mission with you fucks. Now you get it together, now. Or I'm gonna show you what its fucking like in a fucking dinosaur fuck jungle and I assure you: its not too pleasant.

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