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Hannah and Chris meet one day afterschool. After walking around for a while and having a balanced conversation, he agrees to walk her home. They both know this may be the only conversation they ever have.

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Hannah has a drink in a cup, she sits on the couch and turns on the tv. to a random channel. She changes the channel a few times till she gets off of the couch, picks up her drink, and walks toward the front window. She opens the blinds slightly to let natural sunlight in. As she does this, she see Chris walking the way they came.
Deformed_Fax added dialogue in "Scene 6" on 01/05/2014. Deformed_Fax made 31 other changes. more
Well they all aren't as awesome.
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Well wait. I'll come with you, just let me go grab my phone from my bag.
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HAnnah (cont'd)
So now it looks like I have to walk home. Isn't that great?
Deformed_Fax added an action in "Scene 5" on 01/03/2014. Deformed_Fax made 16 other changes. more
She stands there as he picks up his bag.

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