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Quick pitch

Cooper wants too see if some of the legends and rumors are true about a mysterious place near the Japan town district. With it being another boring night, what else is there to do?

Project Type: Short Film (An hour)

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vendettachrncls edited dialogue in "The Rumors" on 06/27/2011. more
(She look at both her hands and then her feet.)
Well nothing seems to be missing.
(She then looks all around her)
So...this is the Sakurasawa District.
(she looks at her watch it reads 1:58 a.m.)
Lets get this show on the road.
BhavanaMurthy added a comment to Just Another Saturday Night on 12/17/2010. more
interesting....loved it
KnitChick added a comment to Just Another Saturday Night on 11/22/2009. more
This is really good! Very interesting. Can't wait to read more!
vendettachrncls edited dialogue in "The Rumors" on 11/03/2009. vendettachrncls made 25 other changes. more
...But that still doesn't explain the odd disappearances....
(she looks at the viewers)
You're now probably wondering am I investigating these disappearnaces?
(Cooper continues to walk)
Half yes, the other half, like I said when I was earlier: I'm bored. Although you're also probably wondering who disappeared? Guess I'll tell you since you're still here. I'll tell you about a few of the victims, overall there have been 12 disappearnces. None of the people have anything in common, except they were all last seen heading towards the Sakurasawa District.
vendettachrncls inserted an action in "The Rumors" on 10/29/2009. vendettachrncls made 2 other comments and 32 other changes. more
Cooper walks into past the gate and disappears into the fog.

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